LJ Girl 2017
LJ Girl 2017


Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men has amassed the right group of talent to be UNSTOPPABLE

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Building a team that has the talent, ambition, skills, and tenacity to strive for victory day in and day out is not a simple task. Ask any leader, coach, or corporate executive and they will vehemently echo this sentiment. But this is exactly what Chad Johnson has done as Owner/CEO of Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men. Through methodical interviewing and judging of talent, Johnson has brought together his current “Dream Team” and they are ready to push Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men nationwide. Each team member brings a different skill set, personality, and areas of expertise to the table, but each share a common drive and love of LJ. Below we highlight each member of the LJ Corporate staff and their “Wicked Awesome” qualities:

  • Chad Johnson

    Chad Johnson - Chairman/CEO

    An insatiable hunger for success has taken this young professional to the top much faster than most thirty-somethings! His employees refer to him as "rain man" as he is unbelievable with numbers. Chad was born and raised in Boston, spent some time in North Carolina and moved to Michigan to make his millions. He combines a superior business sense with a street fighter instinct that makes him a force to be reckoned with in any arena he enters. He expects 120% of everyone and always stops to smell the roses. You only need to meet Chad once and he will make a lasting impression on you. Chad’s enthusiasm is infectious.

  • Tim McCollum

    Tim McCollum - President

    A solid business background and twenty years of operations, management and marketing experience set a solid foundation for this University of Michigan Grad. Tim is also very competitive and lives for results! In the office environment Tim is a calming presence and breaks Chad’s visions down into executable business plans. Tim is a shrewd negotiator and loves the art of the deal. If you have an awesome marketing idea or an unbelievable new site for LJ, Tim is your contact!

  • Alicia Bunch

    Alicia Bunch - COO

    Alicia first joined LJ as a stylist in 2006. Her ambitious attitude soon landed her the management role for the opening of our Farmington Hills location. She not only was successful in leading Farmington Hills to greatness, but she also managed to become the most requested stylist in the entire company ... some 1,000 stylists deep. Her ability to win over clients and manage in an enthusiastic, responsible and efficient manner made her an obvious choice to join our entire operations team. After just eight months of being a director of salon operations it was clear that Alicia needed to lead the entire division. Alicia's vision, organization and calm demeanor will serve our operations team well as we clean up the US one LJ at a time!

  • Tom Witucki

    Tom Witucki - Executive Vice President of Operations

    Tom Witucki brings 20+ years of operational leadership to the LJ team. He has a bachelors degree from University of Michigan and a MBA from Central Michigan. Tom is a passionate leader who celebrates life everyday. His management style is enthusiastic, engaging and promotes a winning culture. Tom's energy and skill set will be an integral part of the Lady Jane's current operations and future growth.

  • Debbie Miller

    Debbie Miller - Director of Operations

    Debbie Miller has been a driving force in education and building business strategies for more than 30 years with cosmetology schools, private salons, distributors and professional beauty manufacturers across the globe. Starting her career working behind the chair and building a successful clientele in Birmingham MI, she developed several business programs that impacted thousands of professional's earning potential. Today, Debbie proudly works with Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men as part of the Leadership Team and continues sharing her vast experience in the industry.

  • Jesse Dhillon

    Jesse Dhillon - Director of Finance

    This Michigan State Alumni was hand picked from Deloitte Consulting to head up LJ's money team. Jesse's focus is on implementing efficiency in financial operations and assimilating the current LJ systems. As the leader of our accounting department, Jesse uses his progressive experience and education to create efficient systems and analytically lay the foundation for future LJ success. He is an innovator who will bring LJ's financial methods to new heights. Jesse will lead the LJ money and management team on its quest to take over the US ... One haircut at a time!

  • Julia DiBella

    Julia DiBella - VP of Salon Operations

    This innovative manager was recruited from the retail industry, where she successfully managed a team of 35 and a multi-million dollar business. Her ability to recruit, develop, and maintain a successful team is key to her success with LJ. Julia is an efficient manager who motivates and invests time and energy into her staff. She is a motivator who also leads by example. Her ability to develop and foster the LJ brand in multiple markets makes her an important member of our team.

  • Elizabeth Campbell

    Elizabeth Campbell - Senior VP of Operations

    This veteran of the salon industry maintains a cosmetology and instructor license and brings eight years of managerial experience in the beauty industry to the LJ team. Liz's invaluable understanding of how to run and maintain a successful salon and her infectious energy made her a easy pick for LJ management. She is a passionate and enthusiastic manager who holds her team accountable to high standards.

  • Brittany Nickelson

    Brittany Nickelson - Senior Operations Director/National Trainer

    Brittany has eight years experience in the salon industry as a graduate from Pivot Point International Cosmetology school. She worked her way up to a regional director overseeing nine multi-unit salons between Illinois and Wisconsin, helping draft policies and strategies for growth and becoming the leader of the highest most profitable region nationwide. She has spoken about her industry at a number of cosmetology schools, cut hair backstage at a Counting Crows concert, and was featured on ESPN Talk Radio to cut Carmen Defalco's hair alongside former Chicago Bears LB Lance Briggs. Her dedication to building a great team and taking on the challenge a multitude of responsibilities has brought her back to LJ. She is enthusiastic about the future and looks forward to much success!

  • Michelle Boeger

    Michelle Boeger - Territorial Regional Manager

    This LJ superstar used to rock the house for LJ Farmington Hills, Mich., back in 2010. She was one of the highest requested stylists and bound for greatness. Michelle relocated to Raleigh, NC, and has been in charge of opening and managing our highly successful stores in that market. She is a great teacher and a perfectionist when it comes to wicked awesomeness! Michelle is a true LJ success story as she has grown from stylist to store manager to regional director.

  • Brittany Cyr

    Brittany Cyr - Operations Manager

    This David Pressley School of Cosmetology graduate has worked her way up the ranks of Lady Jane's. After spending a few years cutting hair on a military base, Brittany came on board with LJ as a stylist at our Royal Oak location. She then worked her way up to a management position within our Clarkston salon, where she excelled in customer service and providing our clients with precision haircare. Brittany is a living testament to what makes LJ so special, and has now moved into our corporate office to help take LJ to great heights!

  • Ashley Miles

    Ashley Miles - Operations Manager

    This Douglas J Aveda graduate brings a decade of Director level experience to LJ. She is a leader in the cosmetology sector and is devoted to coaching, team building, and maintaining high standards. Ashely believes is giving back to the community, and is a key member of the LJ Operations Team.

  • Russell Ontis

    Russell Ontis - Director of Salon Operations

    Russell Ontis joined our operations team to help manage our rapidly-growing LJ staff. A business management major, Russell managed multiple properties throughout the US, hiring and coordinating contractors and overseeing a staff of 50. He is optimistic, success-driven, and always has his eye on the big picture, he is a valued member of the LJ team!

  • Jordan Sedoskey

    Jordan Sedoskey - Director of Salon Operations

    This Oakland University graduate holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Jordan possesses extensive experience in Administration, and brings an analytical and professional attitude to the Wicked Awesome team. She is an enthusiastic and high energy person with a passion for meeting and exceeding goals, and a winning optimism for taking Lady Jane’s to the next level!

  • Brandon Sinawi

    Brandon Sinawi - Operations Manager

    Brandon comes to LJ with over 8 years of managerial experience, as well as recruiting experience within Lady Jane’s. Brandon wears many hats within his role as an Operations Manager. LJ is proud to have this business savvy professional leading our stores to greatness!

  • Laura Tessmer

    Laura Tessmer - Stylist Acquisition Director

    This veteran of retail management, brings a wealth of merchandising and recruitment to the LJ party. She is very passionate about Detroit and proud of LJ's investment in its local communities. If you are a stylist looking for an unbelievable opportunity to thrive in, then Laura is your contact.

  • Callie Brewer

    Callie Brewer - Inventory/Purchasing Analyst

    Graduating from the top supply chain program in the country, this Michigan State University alumni brings an innovative approach to our product division. Her strong attention to detail and extensive educational background allows LJ to effectively manage inventory across all of our locations nationwide!

  • Lauren Johnson

    Lauren Johnson - National Build Out Director

    With 15 years of custom building projects in multiple states, Lauren Johnson uses his skills to lead the build out portion of LJ’s rapid expansion across the United States! Lauren has always been passionate about construction, becoming a foreman at 19 years old. He is determined to be successful and aggressive in his intent to streamline Lady Jane’s construction process into the best in the industry! If you are a GC or a tradesman that is looking to do great things ... reach out to Lauren today.

  • Mike Ziats

    Mike Ziats - Accounting Manager

    This graduate of Walsh College also brings brings an extensive background in accounts payable and receivables to the LJ table. He is an outgoing personality with a knack for math and computers. Mike's ability to analyze accounting data effectively and efficiently makes him a key member of our money team. If you need to get paid or even better yet ... if you owe us ... Mike is your man.

  • Kathy Veenstra

    Kathy Veenstra - Controller

    This Walsh Business School Alum brings an extensive accounting background to the LJ team. She has set up, created and improved financial processes for sole proprietor companies and multi-million dollar corporations. Kathy's quest for perfection makes her a key member of the LJ Money team and​ a huge asset for Jesse as he streamlines our accounting practices and systems.

  • Sean Hughes

    Sean Hughes - Accounting Manager

    This Central Michigan University alumni brings 20 plus years of business experience, 11 of those years as a Financial Consultant for Charles Schwab & Company. His energetic attitude and strong work ethic is a powerful addition to our Finance Team. As a member of our Accounting Department, Sean uses his experience in the financial industry and attention to detail to ensure LJ's impressive growth continues!

  • Chanel Hami

    Chanel Hami - Executive Assistant to COO/​Operations Coordinator

    This Michigan College of Beauty graduate loves everything that has to do with the beauty industry. Chanel brings hands on experience from the salon and back end operations management to the LJ team. Her ability to multitask and keep a myriad of details organized make her a key team member. Her passion, strong work ethic and fun-loving attitude deliver a great mixture for our ever-expanding staff. Chanel continues to assist Alicia and her operations team to achieve our store level goals and while delivering a first-class haircut to our customers.

  • Kristina Novik

    Kristina Novik - Corporate Office Manager

    Kristina is a professional organizer and a self proclaimed impact player! With a contagious work ethic and a passion to plan and execute, she looks forward to keeping things running smoothly around the LJ office. Her ability to always be one step ahead gives LJ an edge with the myriad of details that we manage every day. Her "get it done" attitude is a key part of LJ's continued success.

  • Lindsey Poel

    Lindsey Poel - Territorial Regional Manager (Grand Rapids, Ft Wayne, IN)

    This 6 year veteran of cosmetology has been cutting strictly men for the last five years. Lindsey started with LJ in May of 2012 and helped opened our inaugural store in Grand Rapids. She very quickly built a clientele of loyal customers and the respect of fellow stylists. This propelled her to the manager role of the Kentwood location. Her outgoing personality has assisted her in motivating her team to be more than just a regular stylist. She is very passionate about mens hair and believes in being the best she can be. Lindsey's can do attitude has allowed her to lead a team of hair care professionals that want to bring it everyday!!! This enthusiasm has now catapulted her to the regional manager for all of Grand Rapids.

  • Jessica Hoyman

    Jessica Hoyman - Regional Manager (Cleveland, OH)

    Jessica is a veteran of the cosmetology field and is a graduate of the EHOVE Joint Vocational cosmetology program. She joined the LJ team in 2013 as a stylist and quickly moved her way up the ranks becoming manager of the Rocky River location in 2014. Her ability to run a great salon, motivate her stylists and produce excellent service has propelled her to this new role with LJ. She has a passion for training and encouraging stylists to be the best they can be. Jessica will oversee our Cleveland Market to ensure growth in our existing stores and assist in our continued expansion.

  • Nichole McAuley

    Nichole McAuley - Regional Manager (Tampa, FL)

    This salon industry veteran first joined the LJ team in 2011. She was a talented stylist who worked herself through the ranks from salon manager to regional salon director within the Michigan region. Her journey took her to sunny Tampa where she is now ready to head up our Tampa/Clearwater market. Nichole's ability to treat the customer like gold and motivate her stylists to do the same makes her a valuable member of our management team. Her passion for the industry and her need to succeed is a huge asset as LJ invades Florida.

  • Annie Smith

    Annie Smith - Regional Manager (Orlando, FL)

    This LJ superstar has been producing superior results since 2009. Annie's journey began in the salon attached to our corporate office and modeled her management style after the operating vision of the owner Chad Johnson. Annie excelled under Chad's wing and developed one of the most successful locations in the company in Troy, MI. Her love for the company, competitive nature and drive to succeed gave her the opportunity to expand to our Florida operations. As we begin our Florida adventure, there is no one better to drive the bus than one of best!

  • Ravin Davis

    Ravin Davis - Regional Manager (Toledo)

    This 10-year veteran of the hair care industry joined the LJ team as a stylist in November of 2014. She quickly moved up the ranks to manager and now district manager of our Toledo operations. Ravin is a confident manager that is very detailed and particular. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence is exactly what the Toledo market needs.

  • Krista Dascoli

    Krista Dascoli - Regional Manager (Phoenix)

    This LJ veteran may have a soft-spoken nature, but she’s all business! She began her LJ career at the Lyndhurst location in Cleveland, OH, in 2010, now making the move to Arizona to open the company’s first location in the state. Krista studied at Kent State University for two years before pursuing her passion: the beauty and hair industry. She worked at her craft at an upscale, full-service salon before settling into her career with Lady Jane’s. She is now fulfilling her aspirations of growth and adventure as part of the LJ team in the new southwest market!

  • Lisa Glickman

    Lisa Glickman - Regional Manager (Columbus, OH)

    This Nationwide Beauty Academy graduate brings 25 + years of operational and industry specific experience to the LJ team. Lisa is an upbeat manager who has been training, educating and coaching her entire career. She is a polished cosmetology educator in the buckeye state and a seasoned tennis coach. Her passion and competitiveness makes her a perfect fit to lead our Columbus team to greatness!

  • Jessica Bosco

    Jessica Bosco - Regional Manager (Denver)

    Jessica is relocating to Denver, Co., to open our first Colorado location! She started working at LUV Pedicures and Manicures before receiving her cosmetology license. Once she was licensed, she has worked at LJ, Troy for three years! So glad she will be pioneering LJ in Colorado!

  • Jessica Driscoll

    Jessica Driscoll - Regional Manager (Nashville)

    Jessica, just like a lot of the staff here at LJ is home grown in the D. She managed a small mom and pop pizza place while attending the Douglas J Aveda Institute, where she graduated with honors. Jessica first started in our Brighton location, and quickly moved into a management role. This LJ Veteran continues to build successful teams within Lady Jane’s that treat our customers like family.

  • LaShaye Giles

    LaShaye Giles - Regional Manager (St. Louis, MO)

    LaShaye grew up in the salon business with her family and has always held a passion for the industry. She is a Douglas J Aveda graduate and started with LJ in Livonia. She worked her way into store management and after six years was ready to grow with our company. The transition from store manager to travel trainer is now gone full circle, as LaShaye will head up the St. Louis, MO region. Her leadership will be key as we takeover the St. Louis market, one haircut at a time!

  • Julie Rauch

    Julie Rauch - Regional Manager (New York)

    This Niagara College Alumni managed the Lady Jane’s in Tonawanda, New York for 2 years before being promoted to Regional Manager. Not only did she graduate within the top 5%, but is also a graduate of Leon’s Studio 1 Beauty School. Julie is a motivator, and brings a positive management style to the LJ Team. Julie oversees our Buffalo, and Rochester NY locations, and is a key member of the Lady Jane’s Team!

  • DezaRae Szklarski

    DezaRae Szklarski - Stylist Coordinator

    This Central Michigan University graduate takes on the role of Stylist Coordinator with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Human Resources. DezaRae comes to Lady Jane’s with experience within the financial industry, and brings an analytic approach to our operations. LJ is proud to have DezaRae join our winning team!!

  • Carl Ashman

    Carl Ashman - Director of Marketing

    This ITT Tech graduate brings an analytical, tech savvy and project management approach to the LJ team. His ability the analyze our marketing strategies and implement creative solutions makes him a valuable member of our team. Carl assists Tim in media placement, marketing management and oversees the technical set up for store-level IT. Carl possesses 15-plus years of project management and graphic design experience. If you think your marketing idea can make great things happen for LJ, then Carl is your guy!

  • Shelbey Wietecha

    Shelbey Wietecha - National Build-Out Manager

    This customer service and management veteran believes that positivity and setting goals are the keys to success. She is a self-motivator who likes to spread that mindset to those around her and is passionate about giving to others. She will undoubtedly fit right in with the LJ team!

  • Dawn Casbar

    Dawn Casbar - Build Out Coordinator

    This Douglas J Aveda Licensed Cosmetologist decided that the business side of hair is where she wanted to be. Her marketing and business education from CMU and her extensive administrative experience makes her a strong fit for the LJ build out team. Dawn is outgoing, energetic and a multitask-er! Her ability to keep her head on a swivel and manage a myriad of details makes her a integral part of our team.

  • Christina Schirck

    Christina Schirck - Operations Assistant

    With four years at Central Michigan University and 10 years managing a profitable bar and grill, Christina has accumulated many life skills and tools to be a great asset for the Lady Jane's team. Her ability to multi-task, her laid back personality, and her positive energy are just a few reasons why she makes an excellent team member​. Christina's passion has always swayed towards the hair industry and she is thrilled to be apart of a company that exhibits such growth, dedication and commitment to excellence.

  • Hailey Bradley

    Hailey Bradley - Administrative Assistant

    This Oakland University student has a strong work ethic and has been a junior golf instructor for four years. She is a huge sports fan and fits in well with the high energy work place at LJ. Hailey is highly organized and a great team player. She assists Alicia and her operations team daily to make LJ Wicked Awesome!

  • Megan Tomaszek

    Megan Tomaszek - Salon Receptionist

    Megan currently is in school for Radiology and brings a positive attitude to the LJ Corporate office. She is a hard working, carefree spirit who loves country music. Her dedication and organization make her a key member of our front desk team.

  • Jamie Powell

    Jamie Powell - Salon Receptionist

    This Oakland Community College ​student came all the way from Philly to join the LJ team​. ​She ​loves to work hard and stay organized while meeting new people. ​Her energy and positive attitude help her manage our front desk at the corporate office. ​In her free time she​ enjoys working out, skiing, and ​a little bit of shopping​.

  • Brianna Shelton

    Brianna Shelton - Receptionist

    Brianna is currently attending Macomb Community College to study Radiology. She joins LJ with her priority on organization, hard work ethic, and previous experience within the Cosmetic industry. When Brianna isn’t multitasking around the office and greeting our guests with her smile, you can find her in Northern Michigan on the water.

  • Chris Kapelczak

    Chris Kapelczak - General Contractor/On-Site Development Manager

    If you build it, they will get their haircut...Chris Kapleczak is in charge of building Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men’s field of dreams, where every guy has the best haircut experience possible, every time. Making that possible is Chris’ years of experience in general carpentry, mixed with electrical and plumbing knowledge. Chris is the force that sees every new Lady Jane’s through from architectural plans to the man-rific haircut experience that is a finished Lady Jane’s salon.

  • Ed Nasr

    Ed Nasr - Maintenance Attendant

    Ed Nasr has been doing maintenance work for more than 15 years, specializing in repair work and epoxy flooring. His hard work and dedication are key to the upkeep of our salons and the image of our brand. When Ed is not working hard for LJ, he loves spending time with his kids and grandkids.

  • Robby Dhillon

    Robby Dhillon - IT Consultant

    Some would call this computer whiz “Superman” for the amazing work he has done. Robby created our LJ point of sale check in system from scratch! It is one of the best accomplishments of 2009 for LJ. It has streamlined the way we do business. Robby continues to amaze daily as he help LJ integrate new technology into its business operations. Robby can be seen buried in his computer room working on our website, improving our web based communication with our stores and manipulating our POS system to give us more and better reports to run our business better. His knowledge and can do attitude provide a much needed technical twist to the LJ team.

  • Louis Ciotti

    Louis Ciotti - Real Estate Broker

    A modern-day pathfinder, Louis keeps his eyes and ears to the pavement in a relentless search for the next Lady Jane's site in every target market. A fiery individual, Louis's determination, patience, and diligence ensure that Lady Jane's is kept apprised of all available options. Louis is the front line of the LJ real estate world, and his expertise combines with Tim and Sean's making for home-run site after home-run site.

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