LJ Girl 2017
LJ Girl 2017

Danielle Bird: 2012 LJ Girl Interview

Tim McCollum, President and COO of Lady Jane’s, caught up with a very excited Danielle to get a good look at the incredible girl who will represent Lady Jane’s in 2012:

Name (age): Danielle Bird (23)
Position & Location: Manager - Royal Oak, MI

TM: Danielle, first off, congratulations on being named the 2012 LJ Girl!

DB: Thank You, Thank You!! It is a honor to represent a company that is growing at such a rapid rate!

TM: What initially attracted you to Lady Jane’s?

DB: Growing up with 3 older brothers, mens hair has always been in my house. My dad bought me my first pair of clippers at 15. Experimenting was fun!!! I quickly learned what NOT to do! Mens hair is NOT easy to grasp! It soon became an art to me, and something I excelled in. When I realized I could specialize in this area, it became a perfect career path for me.

TM: What’s your favorite thing about Lady Jane’s now?

DB: I truly enjoy the crew of girls that I work with and the type of environment that we create!! It makes going to work 100 times easier!

TM: What are your ambitions?

DB: My biggest Ambition is to succeed in whatever it is that I do!!!! Come out on top and always strive to be better. Life is what you make it, so make it your best!!!

TM: Now a little more about you as a person: Who do you look up to as a role model/hero?

DB: My mom and dad are truly my role models!!! Hard working, a ton of fun, and full of love are just a few ways to describe the two of them! I love my parents! I would also like to include my brother Duane who is my hero; Thank you for fighting for our freedom!!

TM: Favorite music?

DB: I listen to anything and EVERYTHING! I love music and the lyrics that go into songs. From Country to Bob Seger, Ace a Base to Fergie, my ipod has the mix!

TM: Favorite Nickname?

DB: Its amazing the names that people will make up for you! Dbird is the name that has followed me for years and it sticks everywhere I go!! Yell Bell has been the new one lately, and I kinda like it ;)

TM: Favorite Sports team?

DB: I'm very much a soccer fan, so USA Men's and Women's Soccer is Legit! Detroit team would be the Red Wings for sure!!!

TM: What’s your philosophy on life?

DB: "The secret to success is the focus of purpose" - Thomas Edison (he couldn't have said it any better)

TM: What are your biggest fears?

DB: I have three fears. Spiders, bugs and the dark! So creepy!

TM: What's your favorite product for the LJ clients to use?

DB: Generally I will ask a series of questions in order to figure out exactly what clients need. Don't want to give them something they wont like :) .Lately, I have been a fan of a cocktail of Fiber and Manipulator for hold and shine.

TM: Why do you think you’ll be great as the LJ Girl?

DB: Being with the company for two and a half years I have seen several aspects of the working world. I have had the privilege of learning the ins and outs of the system by which Lady Jane's runs. With that, I am capable of passing my knowledge along to others seeking their opportunity with the company. I strive to be better everyday!!!

TM: And finally, what’s your :10 second Lady Jane’s pitch?

DB: .It's the perfect man cave! Awesome staff, TV's with sports and good tunes. Perfect for a father and son haircut experience. Mom's you too can relax while your son gets a great cut. Come check LJ out, it is truly Wicked Awesome!

TM: Thanks Danielle! And good luck, you’re going to be Wicked Awesome as the 2012 LJ Girl!


Danielle Bird is the 2012 Lady Jane's Girl!

Danielle Bird

Every great team has a great captain. At Lady Jane’s this captain is the LJ girl. This year, Lady Jane’s has selected Danielle Bird from the Royal Oak, Michigan salon. She is a captain both at work and off with her friendly, hard working, and caring personality. This is why she is our 2012 LJ girl, besides; she has first hand experience on being part of a team, she plays soccer and has a pretty good fake too!

LJ Girl: Hard Working and Fun

The LJ girl is another face for the company that symbolizes great customer service with a Wicked Awesome haircut experience. However, the LJ girl doesn’t just provide great customer service, she also goes beyond that and makes sure that all of the co-workers are having a great day and helps any way out on the cutting floor. For example, if there is a stylist that needs education on a certain type of product, or if some one wants a second option of a hair style, the LJ girl is right there to help the other stylist as much as she can. The LJ girl loves to be hard working, but after a hard day of work, having fun is the way to go! The LJ girl needs to also have a fun, exciting personality and always has a smile on her face. That’s why Danielle fits the LJ girl position so well, she loves helping others, like when she works diligently with LJ to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network each year.

Danielle Bird

Danielle's Life Then and Now

Danielle has always been an ''on the go, go with the flow kind of girl’’ her poor mom spent a lot of time on the road with her. Soccer games, cheerleading practice, dance classes, each for a number of years. Needless to say the day she got her license, was a blessing for her mom! The busy constant "on the go" life style, has got her to where she is today!

The LJ girl is always busy with different activities within their day as well, from taking care of our clients during operation hours, to staying after hours to help in LJ commercials or photo shoots. But what steps did Danielle have to take to become our LJ girl? Well, it started December of 2009 she graduated from a year long cosmetology program. Two months later she scored the stylist position at the Troy Lady Jane’s location. From then on, Danielle quickly became a great asset to the company, winning over the guys, being a good influence on the other stylists, and doing the little things to make her and the Troy location great. Owner Chad Johnson and Corporate Office Manager, Jennifer Golas, noticed her talent and skill immediately. Almost 2 years later she was transferred to her new home, Royal Oak. That ladies and gentleman is my short now and then. “When interviewing Danielle in February for our opening stylist position, I knew that she was going to be an amazing stylist that would offer a lot to Lady Jane’s. Danielle has a friendly personality and a caring heart. She adapted to the LJ environment perfectly and excelled quickly in being one of our top stylists. Her hard work is already paying off, I know she is going to be a great LJ girl”, says Golas.

Just like that, Danielle became the 2012 LJ Girl. She displays a natural ability in give Wicked Awesome haircuts. She understands what her clients are looking for and always explains what hair styles will look best on them. Danielle has a lot of knowledge in the products that Lady Jane’s offer and what products will work best for each guy. President and COO, Tim McCollum, asked Danielle what her favorite product is for her LJ clients and she replied saying "Generally I will ask a series of questions in order to figure out exactly what clients need. Don't want to give them something they wont like :) .Lately, I have been a fan of a cocktail of Fiber and Manipulator for hold and shine." (Check out more questions Danielle answered in her interview on the left.)

Danielle Bird

What’s Next?

This next year of her life is going to fly by with all of the exciting things she has to look forward to! She said "Life always throws you curve balls, its how you handle them that dictates your 'what’s next' :) I think I'll go with the flow." Tim asked Danielle what her perfect day would be and she answered saying "My close perfect day would consist of sleeping past 9 am! Then a 80°,boat filled, barbequing, sun bathing kinda day..."

Check back periodically for updates on Danielle and what she’s doing as the LJ Girl. Also check out her interview to the left.

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