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LJ Girl 2017


Shag to spiked, bald-fades to ‘brow waxing, goatee trims to gray hair,
Lady Jane's has the haircut you NEED plus more...

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The reason that guys hate shopping is no great mystery. Going to seven different places for seven different things is frustrating, time consuming, and NOT guy friendly. The same holds true for everything else in a man's world, including getting trimmed up. Luckily for guys, Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men gets it. They are dialed into the needs of guys and boys, which means they have become a veritable ‘one stop shop' for every hair service a guy needs to look his best. From any haircut to a beard/goatee trim to covering up the gray, Lady Jane's and their talented stylists have every guy covered. We sat down with Laura Mester, National Salon Director for Lady Jane's, to get the lowdown on the LJ services and what makes them "Wicked Awesome."


"No matter what you want, we've got it. This is our bread and butter, the reason every guy that steps through our doors, comes back" quipped Mester. With so many guys styles out there, from the new and trendy to the tried and true, guys have a lot of options and styles to keep them looking their best. "Our stylists keep building their skills, adding to their haircut ‘toolbox', no pun intended", Mester says while gesturing to the Craftsman Toolboxes that house each stylist's scissor, clippers, combs, etc. "Each LJ stylist stays up on new styles and haircuts, so no matter if you want a classic or cutting edge cut, our stylists will be able to give you a great cut. And if you don't know what you want, (the LJ stylists) can suggest some great new cuts and styles for you."

Invigorating Shampoo

"We list it separately because it's THAT good", Mester said in all seriousness. "A dollar is a steal for an Invigorating LJ shampoo, seeing as how every guy that gets one says it's the best part of the whole LJ experience." Why is it that phenomenal? Apparently, it's not your average shampoo. "We start with our new BedHead for Men CleanUp peppermint shampoo and conditioner. It has an amazing tingle factor that feels awesome on your head. When you combine that shampoo with a head and scalp massage from your LJ stylist, there is no way any guy won't love it" explained Mester. "No haircut is complete without it!"

Mustache/Goatee/Beard Trim

"Facial hair is a very personal thing for most guys and Lady Jane's gets that. No matter if you have a little soul patch, a handle bar mustache, or a full beard, our stylists can clean it up, trim it up, or shave it off, whatever you're looking for."

Color and Highlights

"Color can be intimidating for guys. That's why we have color-specific stylist training to make sure that the color a guy asks for is the color he gets", explains Mester. "That training and knowledge helps our stylists match a guy's natural hair color precisely when he's looking to knock the salt and pepper off, or achieve the perfect new color any guy could be looking for… even if that is his favorite team's colors for game day."

Facial Waxing

"Some guys want, or need, more than a trim when it comes to eyebrows and other facial hair. That's where our facial waxing services come into play", explained Mester. "Our stylists have the tools and skill to perform any facial waxing any guy is looking for in a very precise manner and as pain-free as possible. If you're interested, it's definitely worth a try."  With a full array of services, talented stylists, TVs with sports and news, and comfy chairs, Lady Jane's is definitely the one stop shop for any grooming service a guy could want.

With a full array of services, talented stylists, TVs with sports and news, and comfy chairs, Lady Jane's is definitely the one stop shop for any grooming service a guy could want.

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Guys, Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men knows you're busy. Sometimes it's hard to find time in the day to make sure you're looking your best. That's why LJ will always help you plan ahead with appointments with your preferred stylist. Just visit our locations page, find your closest store, and call them up for the perfect haircut fit perfectly into your day.

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Football isn't the only awesome thing for guys to enjoy on Sunday. Get your haircut at an LJ and kick back, relax and enjoy a precision haircut, hot towel treatment, hot lather neck shave and an invigorating scalp massage! And don't worry, with all our TV's, you won't miss any of Sundays sports action!

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